Grout Colouring

Grout Colouring

Guaranteed Tiling Grout Colour ‘N’ Seal is a unique concept that stops dirty, unsightly grout to unrivalled results.
Solving the problems that affect the appearance of tiles and grout may be as simple as applying a grout colorant. At Guaranteed Tiling, we will re-store by re-colouring your grout in virtually any colour of your choice, quickly and without creating a mess.
Grout Colour ‘N’ Seal recolours and seals the grout, restoring tiled surfaces to look brand new! While tiles such as ceramic are extremely durable and will last for years, the grout between the tiles is very porous and will readily absorb dirt, grime and spills. Even regular mopping will not clean the grout or prevent it from staining, in fact, mopping can add to the problem.

Benefits of our grout colouring

– No noise. No noxious odours. No disruption.
– No dangerous chemicals . No risk to children.
– Light foot traffic after only 2 hours.
– Dramatic same day transformation.
– Restored at a fraction of replacement costs.
– Available in a wide range of colours.
– Existing grout colour can be changed to alternative colours.

Guaranteed Tiling cleaning, recolouring and sealing process will transform the appearance of any tiled surface.


I had heard of Guaranteed Tiling’s tile cleaning and grout colouring  processes and products through Ian Crookston at the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove. He was very happy with the result so I gave it a go and we couldn’t be happier with the result. They are now a major part of our floor maintenance team carrying out maintenance and cleaning procedures to all resort tiled areas as required.”
Stephen Coombs, Director of Engineering Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort

“Would just like to say what a fantastic job your boys did and will definitely be using your services again in the future.”
Sandra Bird, Administration Services Strategic Planning Partners Pty Ltd

Guaranteed Tiling restored a handful of our rental property bathrooms, rather than relaying tiles that would cost a lot of money, we were shown a process to clean the tiles and grout along with being shown the best way to maintain the new look of the bathrooms.”
Ray White Residential

Transform your tiles, stone and grout.  Guaranteed!

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