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Cleaned. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Tiling will re-store your tile and grout using our proven and refined solutions.
Most households are totally frustrated with not being able to clean their tiles and grout, especially kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas of their home or office. Tiles and grout are just like carpet, they need to be maintained to stop the dirt and grime building up in the grout joints and on the tile surface.

Restile can re-store your tiles and grout to “near new”. Restile’s cleaning technique can remove any unwelcome sightly problem leaving your tiled surfaces clean and re-stored. Restile’s products are tested and proven to provide the up-most visual appeal compared to other products on the market.

At Restile we specialise in the cleaning of all tiles from ceramic, vitrified, porcelain, terracotta, marble and all other natural stone products, and pride ourselves in being able to solve the most difficult and challenging problems.
We pride ourselves on quality of finish.


  • Tile stone and grout cleaning
  • Porcelain transport wax removal
  • Grout haze removal
  • Grout colouring
  • Tile, stone and grout sealing
  • Joint sealing
  • Maintenance programs – we will ensure your tiles, stone and grout stay in pristine condition

The benefits of our tile cleaning processes

  • Dramatic same day transformation.
  • Re-stores and protects tile, gives it a “like new” appearance and keeps it that way!
  • Re-stored at a fraction of replacement costs.
  • Overcomes the “dirty mop syndrome” by restoring dirty and bacteria-infested grout to an ultra-clean state and keeps it there for years to come!
  • Permanently removes grout stains and provides a maintainable, clean tile and grout surface

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We will transform your tiles stone and grout.  Guaranteed

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